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Monday, November 21st, 2011
12:26 pm
again its been a while since I updated my LJ.
But I figured today was a good a time as any!!

Cas is doing well. He's now almost 11 months and weighs 120lbs (roughly).
Our fridge how ever, is not doing so well. This weekend it died. Couldn't contact the super because it was a weekend, so we were panicing about what we were going to do cause we'd JUST gone shopping and JUST got all of Cas's chicken for the week. and we still had a good sized turkey in the freezer.
Thank god for my parents though! They bought us a standing freezer and it'll be delivered wednesday.
Also thank what ever god has decided to be nice to me for Lynda, my friend who also has a deaf dane. She also feeds raw and said she had some space we could store Cas's meat and stuff in. Yesterday I trucked a good cart full of slowly thawing raw meat to my friend Lynda's (who thankfully doesn't live that far!) and stored it in her freezer till we get ours.

WE still had the problem of ALL OF OUR REFRIDGERATOR STUFF slowly going bad because they were just in an insulated white box! Ray went out and got bags of ice for the fridge in hopes of keeping at least some of the stuff (I still had to pitch out most of our produce) from going compleatly off.
Today the super shows up while I'm at school (Tay was still home) and told Tay that he was going to get an electrition in to take a look cause he didn't think the fridge was dead.


Tay has to go to work, and is being taught how to butcher chicken today. Which is a good thing cause she's been begging to learn how to cut since day one! If she called in, she'd most likely never get a chance to learn again. So I had to come home from school (my teachers are awsome like that) to wait for the electrition to show up and entertain the dog.

Electrition shows up about two hours after I get home, does a few breaker flicks and checks the outlets. The one that was by the fridge works now (YES!) as does the one the fridge was plugged into, but that means the fridge is dead. Off he goes to tell the super. About an hour later, just as I got started emptying the fridge, there's a knock. I crate the dog and there's the super! With a new fridge! Okay great! He mutters something about another order for the floor and I show him, while dude two gets the fridge in the flat, where Ray's floor is buckling. He kinda shrugs and heads away, not saying he's going to do anything about it. Me and dude two look at each other as super leaves and he's like "I'll let you finish that and be back to put it in, you can fill it while your waiting!" Whatever, I finish emptying the dead fridge and moving all our magnets and stuff, Then I look at everything and go, "Fuck this! I can move this fridge myself!" I pull out the old fridge, push it away and OH SWEET MOTHER OF CRAP! Floor is NARSTY! Okay! Dump out old fridge water bucket, refill with water and bleach and go to town!
Swept and moppped behind teh fridge, floor is awsome now. Now to get the fridge in! *push push push* Now to...get...the fridge....FUCKING COUNTER!
There's not enough room for the fridge! it gets stuck between where the counter sticks out and that little bit of wall behind the bookcase. >_< NOw I have to wait for dude two to get back to get the fridge in, which means all my frige stuff is sitting on the counter.....

WOuld it be wrong of me to crack open one of the beers (probably WARM beers) now?
Sunday, March 20th, 2011
9:59 pm
Neglected journel is negelcted!

Its been....tough the past little while. Shit happened, st pats happened, work happened, puppy's been keeping us on our toes! He's getting so big now its amazing to look at pics only a few weeks ago and see the changes!

You see someone walking what is clearly still a puppy. Their coming in while you are leaving the elevator. Your party moves towards the elevator as said person with pup is coming in. Do you A) Move INTO their path while their watching to make sure their beloved pet has cleared the heavy glass door, there by avoiding letting the animal get hurt, or B) Move INTO their path, then have the gaul to give them a snotty look for getting in YOUR way?
This is what happened to me.
I'm coming in after taking cas out for a pre-dinner pee, and there is a group of hungarians coming out of the elevator. I unlock the door, they come closer. I hold the door open, as the nearest of them scatter (cause Cas is a big scary mean dog! at 12 weeks....), watching to make sure that Cas sucessfully clears the door before it can fall onto him. This....DICKWAD moron who clearly wears more colouge then he does shower, moves into my path while I'm not looking. I look up just intime to see his douchbag clothed moron step INTO MY PATH And give me a snotty look as he scurries out of the way (of the big terrible scary 12 week old puppy).
I hate people, people are stupid....I want them all to just....fuck off and leave me alone. So your scared of dogs? Great, stay the fuck out of my way cause if you don't i'm gunna make my dog piss on your leg.

Monday, February 21st, 2011
11:07 am
So Castiel is home for good now!! he's SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!
though he can be a bit of a dick in the mornings, he's a baby, babaies are sociopaths....

Today i was up at 7 am with him.....and 545 and 445, and 130....

anyway! this will be an ongoing list of stupid shit people say when they see our dog.

So far he's been mistaken for a pitbull at least four times, with one woman going so far as to shreek "Look out! it's a Pitbull!" and shove her child out of the way. I can understand being afraid of Pits, I can understand being afraid of dogs, but when a dog is 8 weeks old? Seriously poeople!!!

He got mistaken for a Sharpie, in one of his baby pictures. Sharpie I could kinda see. cause he's not fully grown into his skin.

Someone shouted "HEY IS THAT A DALMATION PUPPY!?" No, if he was a dalmation, his spots would be more predominant then they are now.

People seemed very suprised when we tell them "no he's a great dane" and we get the "oh he's gunna be huge" *eyeroll* of course we know he's going to be huge. I really wanna go "Really? I thought he was doing to stay this size!"
Friday, February 11th, 2011
11:02 am
Puppy visit
So we FINALLY got to meet castiel in person yesterday.

OH MY GOD was it awesome! He's got the best temperment ever! he's only 6 weeks old and he's already so adorable!!
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v300/taineyah/HPIM0123.jpg Here's him giving Tay hello kisses! We loved his little sweater (it was made from a sweater sleeve) it matched his eyes so beautifully!
He'll always have his striking blue eyes. Their gorgous!
He got all tuckered out running around the flat, chasing his mum (who Dori the breeder brought with her), investigating the cats. Oh the cats! Malp was having none of it to the point that we had to lock her in the bedroom till she calmed down and started whinning to be let out. DHD did better. she just hid up on the table behind the food tin. it was adorable!! ttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v300/taineyah/HPIM0131.jpg
Shini was, of course, no where to be seen, and Leo was his durpy self. He didn't seem to intrested in Briar (Castiel's mum), but did sniff at Castiel.
we brought him for a walk before they left (we used Shini's cat harness leash, it worked pretty well for a training leash). He already walks pretty well on a leash. Its amazing, since the first time he's ever worn a collar was when we put tay's old clubbing collar on him.
Though his paws started to get cold and he refused to walk so I'd have to cary him for streches. It's fine now but when he gets to big to carry? I don't think so! lol!
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v300/taineyah/HPIM0177-1.jpg Tay's hand against his paw. It's so small right now! Tay wants to get his paw print in ink then get it tattooed on the back of tay's neck. I think that'd be awesome!!
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v300/taineyah/HPIM0172.jpg Such a cute picture of him sleeping!
we're fairly sure he's got a bit of hearing, but it could be just he's extra sensitive to air currents. we did a clap test and a whistling test, even used the dog whistle app on tay's itouch. He did a sort of slow wake thing not a startled awake. We'll see. He gets his first shots and goes for his hearing test this week so we'll see. For all intence and purpous' he's deaf to us, which we dont care about.

This is what happened when we took him to the petstore. After sniffing around a little and wandering a bit, He layed down between my feet and took a snooze. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v300/taineyah/HPIM0186.jpg
Sunday, January 30th, 2011
7:17 pm
I LOVE this building. I REALLY do.....There was a crazy guy cursing and shouting racial slurs in the hall way. The cops were called (have yet to show up!) and One of the hungarian dudes from down the hall grabbed him and swung him face first into a wall when he wouldn't do what he told him to, IN HUNGARIAN. (he made a shooing motion so you knew what he was TRYING to say but the guy was so fucked up I don't think he'd understand english). The operator when I called the cops could even hear the dude shouting though my (LOCKED!) door and over my cell.
I LOOOVE this place...../Sarcasim

Update: The popo showed up. They wanted me to tell them what I saw, I did and then they let me go back into my flat. I was like "I'm just in 808 here in case you need me." About twenty minutes later, they knock at my door (Tay was like "Don't open it if its not the police out there!" Thank you Tay i know this i'm not dumb!) . They couldn't really DO much cause the dude wasn't answering the door. They talked to the people at the end of the hall (though I don't know how affective it was) and told us all that if he comes back and everything to just call the nice men in the blue coats with badges and guns and they'll come take him away. I said I'll keep my ears open and if he comes back, give them a ring.

You'd sware the cops would know me by name now, I call them so damn much!

11:13 am

good lord it's beeen a while since I posted here huh? 

Well lets go over what changed:

after the whole debockle with those idiots, we found a better breeder. She had a deaf dane girl who was named Frost. We left an message for her but it turns out that Frost was taken to a home in the states, to a deaf school to be a tharapy dog for deaf kids. I can't really be upset about that.

But we find out that her bitch (female dog) is pregnant and she was ready to pop any day now. If they had a deaf one, would we want it? OF COURSE!

Just before christmas, my computer exploded. the screen overheated AGAIN and I brought it in to the shop. I wait forever and then I get a call saying that overheating isn't covered and aparently my screen isn't coveredf by the hardwear warnentee.

Christmas comes and we go home for christmas, but we kept checking the website. Every day, waiting for Briar (the bitch) to pop. Christmas day, they come! There were TWO whites! We decided to take the one named Alpine. We renamed him Castiel. (YES from Supernatural! Lol)

Flash forward fighting tooth and nail wtih Dell, we got my new computer (Impala, because the driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole)! The nice purlator guy was quite suprised that I was waiting downstairs and equelly suprised when we told him WHY i was downstairs waiting for him.

We've put our downpayment on Cas, now its just the problem of getting the $600 for the rest of him. (Any donations?Lol) I have a job working at Price chopper (Soon to be Fresh Co.) but its only two five-hour shifts a week. Tay's job is being retarded and she's only geting 6 hours a week. 6! arg!

We met a really nice couple though. Through our breeder. Lynda and Paul have two Great Danes. Their awsome! Jack and Jill are adorable. I met up with Lynda and Paul and the twins yesterday and walked around with them for two hours! it was great! Lynda bought me a tea and cookie while I waited outside with Jill. Then we went to a dogpark to drink our tea/coffee and have our cookies. She walked me to the streetcar stop, and we parted ways.
Tay went to a really REALLY bad job that she was like "FFT NOT DOING AGAIN" and we Emailed Lynda to see if she wanted to go for another walk today, so tay can meet at least Jill and Lynda, if not Paul and Jack. It turns out their going over to the island today for a romp with a few other dogs and invited us along. And Lynda said she'd pay for us! *squeee* Lynda i love you. *Grin*

So we're going to be showering soon and heading out of here around noon. so that we can meet up wtih them for the 1:30pm Farrey.

It's -6C outside. So it'll be chilly but it'll be fine, because we can bundle up.

Thursday, December 9th, 2010
9:47 pm
So you remember that thing I was really excited for? You know getting a dog? yah, it's not happening.

Tay and I went out to get treats, a new toy, a new tag for her, and the fucktards emailed while we were out, saying they wanted to keep her, they wanted to give it a try, that they wanted to try going to a behaviorist. they decided to do this now? now? after deciding to give her up? BULL SHIT!

I think twatface pitched a fit to doormat and he backed out and let her do what she wanted. I mean they SAW how excited we were and how happy she was with us. The only time we saw that dog's tail wag was when I was down on the floor playing tug of war with her! At 8 months, that tail should have been a blur!

They admitted they didn't have time for her. they never take her for walks "unless they feel like it". just because danes are good apartment dogs doesn't mean you don't have to take them out!

My heart is breaking. I....I just wanted a dog....
12:06 am

I am going to be a father tomorrow.

On a lark, I went onto creigslist and was poking around the pet section when I came across an ad, posted this afternoon at about quarter to five. It was advertising a dog, 8 months old, going to a good home. she'd been adopted from a lady who had had two bulldogs who picked on her, the poor dear, so she was re-homed to a very nice couple, but who weren't really all that prepared for what they were getting into.
They posted the ad because they couldn't spend enough time with her and wanted her to go to a proper forever-home.
I sent the link to the ad to my mate, who's response was "....Email them...." So I did.
Within an hour and a half and about 16 emails, I'd arranged with a lovely young lady, so named A, to meet up with her and her boyfriend, at their home, to meet the pup. Bundled up against the cold (not well in my case, I should have worn a hat!), Mate and I got on the ttc and went to their house to meet them. Lovely folks, very informative and loved that we were so excited to take her.
After chatting with them for almost two hours and playing with the pup, We parted ways. A is going to call me tomorrow to get my address so that her and her boyfriend can drop the pup, and all her stuff, off with us.
In a matter of hours, I will be the proud papa to this beautiful angel: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v300/taineyah/HPIM0059.jpg

Yes, I'm getting an 8 month old, already house broken, very well-trained, GREAT DANE!

(watch out hungarian kids! they thought thorn was bad....)

I will be posting more pictures once we have her. I will photo spam you all!!
Friday, December 3rd, 2010
7:42 pm
They were all out today!
Tay and I went to honest Eds to get stuff. Was a pretty good trip, except for the ride there and back. -__-

So first things first, we got on the streetcar, and he pulled aaaall the way up to the corner, which I can kinda understand. Whatever right? So we get ONE stop from our stop and this garbage truck pulls out in front of us! The driver starts yelling at the garbage truck (which is parked mostly on the tracks, blocking ALL OF THE EAST BOUND TRAFFIC! And he had to bugger off to go get someone to help him back up). He wanted the streetcar to back up, despite the fact that there's traffic all the way up the street, stuck behind us because they can't get around to pass the street car BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING GARBAGE TRUCK IN THE FUCKING WAY!
Then this guy wants on the streetcar. but we're already a bit past the stop. A bit of a dick move on the driver's part but he was just following the rules. Guy freaks out and starts cursing out the streetcar driver. Meanwhile the garbage truck has finally moved out of the way and we continue on our way.

One stop before bathurst st. (Where tay and I were getting off), there's the guy again! And he wanted to curse out the streetcar driver again! Tay and I are going "how the hell did he get up here that fast?!" Turns out the nutjob TOOK A CAB TO THE STOP so he could yell at the streetcar driver! I mean...what the hell right? Tay and I get off the streetcar at Bathurst and continue our trip to honest eds.

All went well at honest eds, we got pretty much everything we needed to get, save a few items we had to go to the grosery store for. Got back on the streetcar with the plan of getting off at queen.

Once we reach Queen, Tay and I get off the streetcar and nearly get hit by some derp in a flashy car! I yellat him and tay goes right up to the passenger side and starts in on the guy. Apparently they kept saying "we're not from here" 
It doesn't fucking matter where your from! IT'S WRITTEN ON THE BACK OF THE GODDAMN STREETCAR! YOU DO NOT PASS THE STREETCAR WHEN THE DOORS ARE FUCKING OPEN! This dickhead nearly hit several people getting off the back of the streetcar, then nearly hit me as I'm coming off. Even if you don't know not to pass, and didn't see the GIANT FUCKING STICKER ON THE BACK OF THE STREETCAR, you can see the PEOPLE getting off! "We're not from here" doesn't fly when your charged with vehicular manslaughter!



Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
10:49 pm
Another story from hell---er Parkdale...
I've been rather...distracted with an LJ rp that I've been doing, sort of neglecting my own LJ.

So onto my special story.

Tay and I are sitting here, tv off, just relaxing. I'd just gotten out of the bath, and decided I was going to put on ID channel (yay for real crime shows!) when I hear shouting. Now while this is not unusual, due to the tenants of 809 being fucking retards and like to play their music so loud that we can hear EVERYTHING THOUGH THEIR CLOSED DOOR, ACROSS THE HALL, THOUGH OUR CLOSED DOOR AND OVER THE TV! Except for that this shouting is in the hall way. Worrisome. I listen and try and see though the peephole but can't see anything.
More shouting. and then what sounds like a fight! Tay and I crack open the door a bit and the cops have one of these idiots on the floor face down.
We find out, from listening to the cop yell at the idiot, that when you have the police at your door, you don't try to slip out slowly and then slam the door or try and PUSH THE POLICE! They'd been called because someone called to say that allegedly it sounded like there was someone in distress in the flat. So naturally the po-po show up! While face down, with the nice police lady's knee in his back and handcuffs on his wrists, this moron is STILL ARGUING WITH THE POLICE!
It's quieted down now a bit, so I think they've taken him away because the very big asian police man said he was going to be arrested for assutling a police officer. Pushing counts as putting your hands on someone, with intent to cause harm. So he gets arrested. I can still hear indistinct voices in the hallway but they don't sound angry anymore.
Fucking idiots. They all look like punks, which give the very nice punky people I know bad names. These guys are your stereotypical punks. Leather studded jackets, stretched ears, the whole lot.

We've decided to add our own clause to whatever lease we sign next:

If the police are there, on our floor, more then twice a month, then its grounds for an immediate termination of the lease, and we are free to move out if we wish. As they management is no longer producing a clean and safe environment in which to live.

Sunday, October 17th, 2010
9:46 pm
Yesterday was...intresting....
So yesterday, My friend Rosie texted me and asked me if I could watch her dog for the day while she went to work. It was all good because Tay wasn't working and I had no real plans (nor a job) so we said yes. Rosie dropped Thorne (the dog) off at our place and her and her boyfriend, Ger, went to work.
After about half an hour, Tay and I got up, dressed and headed out to the park with the dog. The dog had fun, romping with two large Newfoundlander's. There was a puddle, the Newfie's were muddy, thus Thorne ended up covered in mud. Given that his fur was so short, we simply decided it would be best to get him a Currie comb from the PetValue near our house. We head back and I notice that the store'll be closing in twenty minutes (as I was walking a head of Tay and Tay was walking Thorne), So I inform Tay of this and we decide that Tay will take Thorne into the store, find what we need and I'll run to the flat and get the $20 that I had gotten from Rosie that morning to get the brush (it was like six bucks!).

I head around the corner as fast as I could, and am heading up the drive way when I glance over to see a WheelTrans bus (For those of you who don't know what Wheel Trans is: It's a system our public transit has for people in wheelchairs and with other likewise debilitating illnesses that prevent them from using the regular Public Transit) parked out front of one of the buildings across the street. That in itself wasn't all that odd as I've seen WheelTrans and Ambutrans outside that paticular building all the time.

What you DON'T see all the time is the teenaged kid coming around the bloody bus with a freaking handgun! I'm standing there a little shocked, as the kid picks off a few rounds at some other teens. By the third shot I'm at least walking quickly towards the building, trying to keep my eye on the shooter while dialing 911! I'm taking in all the details I can possibly take in while calling 911 and not letting myself freak the fuck out and start to cry.

The cops show up in like two minutes flat! I give an account of what happened and they ask me to stick around in case they need me for something. So I do. It's been about twenty minutes since Tay and I parted ways. Tay starts to get annoyed cause its like a two minute walk between our place and the pet value and the shop is closing! I get a call from tay to the tune of "where the hell are you? the place is closing!" and I tell Tay what's happened. Tay tells me that Tay is coming home. Heh.

The cops want me to show them where the guy was standing and ask me a whole shit load of questions, which I'm all too happy to answer, then ask me if I need anything from my flat since they want me to come down to the station to make a statement. I tell them my partner's on tay's way back and I want to just give Tay the keys to our flat so tay can get upstairs, since we don't have Tay's keys right now. They say that's fine and to just take a seat until Tay gets there.

Tay gets there and apparently I looked white as a ghost, whiter then my white sweater that I was wearing. I felt all shaky and wanted to cry, but there were too many people around. Tay says tay wants to come with me, despite having Thorn with us. I ask if that's okay and it is so Tay goes to put Thorn in the bathroom (we didn't know at the time that Rosie and Ger use putting him in the bathroom as punishment,). Tay makes an offhand mark as we'er on our way to the police car that tay hopes that Thorn doesn't distroy the bathroom. The police man says its okay for us to bring him with us. So tay runs back to get him. I'm really glad cause I think I would have just broken down if Thorn wasn't there.

We go to the police station, and they videotape my statement, and tell me that I did a good job and thanked me. They thanked me a lot. I guess people don't help out the police much in this part of town. I just want these nutjobs out of my neighborhood and out of my city! Finally we can go back home. A very nice police lady gave us a ride since our nice policemen got called away on another call. Such is the life of a policeman! We asked her to drop us off at the coffee time since thats were Rosie was (with Josh, Maggie and Charlie).

Once back in the flat, I call my mum and tell her what's happened and that everythings gunna be okay now. I don't feel like it's going to be but it made her feel better I guess. She gave me some money to get pizza so none of us had to cook. Ger came over later after he was done at work. I had met him downstairs but I insisted on taking Thorn with me, I didn't feel safe. I felt safer (but not much) with the dog, people don't normally attack you when you have a dog. (Especially one that looks like a pit even though he's not even any bit pit)

Today While we were out, I got a call from the detective Inspector on the case. He wanted me to come in for a photo line up. I did the best I could...Hope they catch the guy. They said I MIGHT have to go to court if this goes any further. Part of me hopes I don't have to. I will if they call me but....I don't really want to have to go and testify in court. These guys are nuts! I don't want to have to worry about retaliation!

I'm now going to email my contact at the local Legal office, see if he's got any advice on what he thinks I should do. Breaking the lease is looking more and more attractive at the moment. Hell my old place is looking like a much better neighborhood already!

Sunday, October 10th, 2010
2:36 pm
So we got our channels back! ^__^! I was flipping around looking for ANYTHING to watch and I was doing just the regular scroll through not the guide when I came across military. "Wait what?" the regular scroll through only shows the channels I DO get. We had Military. I checked ID, WE GET ID! *Happy dance* OUR CHANNELS ARE BACK!!

I find I've been eating alot more veggies lately. Mainly because we have no junky food, and all our meat is frozen solid....>_> so vegies it is! ^^
Friday, October 8th, 2010
1:21 am
Friend called me, let me in on a job possiblity. which was great! we head down there and tay gives in tay's resume, and Tay gets the job.
Not upset about that! I mean...I probably wouldn't do well there cause I can't cook. But Tay's real excited about it, starts tomorrow at the guy's church street store. Which is wee!!

Now I just need to find a job. I mean I'm happy for Tay, this sounds like something tay'll really really enjoy! I just....wish that I could find a job....and its not like I haven't tried! I'm out there all the time, giving in resumes, getting my face out there, following up on jobs. But....still...nothing.

And most of the places I apply, when I ride past going somewhere, their signs are either still in the window or back up, dispite the fact that I'm DESPERATE for work.

FUCK my life, I hate you life.....

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
3:42 pm
Had a job interview today. I hope it went well. Their only looking for a receptionist on Saturdays and for 11 days in November, so it wouldn't be great, but it'd be something. More experience I suppose.

Mideval times is hireing for their photo department, I think I could do that. I also threw in that I USED to work there and would be interested in a bartender-wench position. Mixing drinks or even just delivering them. But we'll see what happens.

Emailed out a ton of resumes already. and I'm freaking out. We need money for rent, for bills, and SA isn't giving us very much at the moment. *deep breath* If we HAVE to, I can go to mom but....I REALLY don't want to. she's been rather ill lately. We've got half the rent....no more left for bills....JUST enough for laundry....*headdesk*

Dear life,

FUCK YOU VERY MUCH! I need some better luck, like...NOW please!

No love,

Monday, September 27th, 2010
9:14 pm
Tay and I are at my parents house, and we were playing with my nephew while we were waiting for dinner to be ready. First, Ben and I were "chained" to the floor, unable to move. Tay was a GIANT who came and stepped on us.
Well Ben was able to "escape" and "recused" me from my chains and we went running away while Tay chased us! We were supposed to hide from the giant! B hid behind the couch while I hid around a corner. Tay went after B, and I had to "save" him by draging Tay away from the couch.
I "defeated" the giant, and, because B watches ALOT of scooby doo, we had to pull off the mask of the giant.

Me: I defeated the giant!
B: Lets take his mask off! *mimes taking off a mask off Thoenix*
Me: Oh! It was Tay all along!
B: Lets...just put the mask back on..."

XD Tay got PWNED by a FOUR YEAR OLD! I think I laughed for a good five minutes!

So far things have been going great! We've been hanging out here, tay's been a little TOO happy...-__- My brother in law said they want to keep tay because tay plays with the boys alot and helps pick up stuff. Mum and Dad seem to be liking having her here as well. So I hope that means they'll get to like her enough that I can be like "oh by the way....>_> *cough*"

I mean Tay and I are shareing my brother's bed (probably the only time EVER his bed will see two biological females at once *snicker*). Mum hasn't SAID anything but she's dropped hints that she wants me to not go back on T when I can. Sorry mommy but I hate to break it to you but THIS ISN'T A PHASE!

Tay's also met Ryan, Ania and Bri so far.

Ryan and Tay chattered for a while about singing and music and all that technical stuff involved in music. Then gender stuff as we headed back to Ryan's for a movie.

Ania and Tay went on and on about feminist stuff. Most of that conversation I spent watching the movie we'd put on for backround noise at Ania's.

Generally when I got Ania, Bri and Tay into the same room, it was a "lets talk about how obnoxious Sirius is!" fest. But then again...I'm kinda used to that. *shrug* (though then they stared in on my fandom, I think I just sat there and flushed...I don't even bother to try and defend my fandoms anymore....)

Kinda happened at dinner tonight too. But I guess it was just my turn this time. It happens.

In other news: Didn't get the job at Kudu, I didn't think I would. He seemed very ....annoyed with me for some reason. I mean I was trying my best but....Whatever. I'm getting really....panicy. I NEED a job! And no matter how hard I try...I cant seem to find one. No matter what I do, I can't find one. *sigh* Some times i wonder what I did to deserve this....
Saturday, September 25th, 2010
5:47 pm
So I brought Tay home with me when I came for my dentist appointment. Mum was nice enough to get tay a ticket too. The train ride down was good. We figured out how to talk the internet in to working on the train, so we got to rp together, and I was able to fix it so that I could have music we transported from Tay's computer (via jump drive) to mine. It was a long, confined trip (but now tay knows why I'm so glad when I get home!) but we made it with VIA being only ten minutes late!

This morning was...intresting. I belive mum thought that tay would be sleeping in my brother's room and I'd be in mine. She didn't say anything when she found that we'd shared a bed, but whatever, really If they don't ask, I'm not going to volunteer the information.
They sent Benji and Max (the dog) upstairs to wake us up, and I gave Ben and Fin their water bottles, and my dad his birthday book. Dad made peamal bacon (Drooool) and eggs for breakfest, and I had to drag Tay out of the (WARM!) safety of the bed! We had a nice breakfest with my family, then mum had us get dressed and drove us over to visit my grandmother.
Apparently it was bowling day at the home so we hung around and watched her bowl, (my grandma won! *Struts proudly*) and then headed back to her room for a visit. When it was lunch, we brought her down and then headed out. Mum had us walk home because her and dad were headed out somewhere. It was a nice walk, and I was able to show off a bit of the suburban neighborhood I grew up in!
When we got home, we hung out side with my BIL and the boys. Ben was climbing a tree, and Fin was just kind of there. When we eventually went in, we didn't do much, just sat around, watching tv, the ball game my mom was watching. Mum left to go get my sister from work, and my BIL was downstairs with Ben, so we were watching Fin. We showed him the gumi bear, Pomplamoose, then we just put on the Beatles.
It was ADORABLE! He was boucing around, tay was spinning him, dipping him, and there was just laughing and a good time.
I was thinking that maybe we could get my sister to pay for Tay to come and "watch" the boys, since they seem to really like tay.

Tay kept saying "we need one of these, see we need one!" it was....nice in a way. Eventually we will go get our welsh Baby!!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
1:19 am

So I'm laying in bed with Tay, packing it in for the evening. We'er Rping, i'm playing with Amy as well, and we hear BANG BANG! then "ARGG!" Immideatly I jump outta bed to look out the window, see if i can see what's going on (nosey neighbor that I am). I don't see anything, just your normal sidestreet traffic, and the gray mailbox thing is knocked over.

Tay says I should call it in, so I ring up the non-emergency number and report it. I'm not sure WHAT happened, and I told the cops this, but I figured, given what's been going on (nutjob driving though our neighbor building's front window, someone getting SHANKED there, the shooting death just up the street a few blocks) I should give the Popo a heads up.
Not TEN minutes after I get off the phone with the operator after making my report, do I get another call. this time from the cop parked out front our building, asking if I'm still in the area and if I can come talk to them. I say sure since I'm in my apartment and they tell me to come downstairs. I pull on my shorts and head on out.

I get down there and there's THREE cars prowling around! The one that has the two cops talking to me parked infront of our building. I spot another unit (With two cops I assume) leaving from behind our building, and a third unit parked a little ways up the street (With I assume two more cops inside). So I tell the nice officers what I heard, and that I didn't really SEE anything just heard stuff. I don't know what a gunshot sounds like. It sounded more like someone hitting a dumpster with something, but again better safe the sorry. They thank me for coming down and tell me that if I hear anything else, just give'm a shout.

Good to know my neighborhood's safe....-__-
Friday, September 3rd, 2010
1:43 pm

So this is going ot be a very  very long rant on how METCAP FAILS AT LIFE!


Saturday, August 28th, 2010
11:26 pm
So after four hours of screaming, crying, begging, pleeding, booze and banging heads on walls, DUO'S WIG IS 95% COMPLEAT! We just have to head over to human_nosferatu 's place to get the bangs done.

I had to tape Tay's chest. Seems we'er getting better at that. We got baby oil to get the tape off without taking most of Tay's skin with it.

Pictures were gotten and funtimes were had by all. Now that I've had a bath/babyoil bath/shower, I'm SOOOOO Ready for bed....my feet are killing me....
Friday, August 27th, 2010
8:08 pm
So we were just sitting in the flat, Tay working on my duo wig, when I hear sirens. I peek my head out and there's the paramdedics, a few copcars and a firetruck. I'm like "0_o what's going on?" so i pop out a few more times and see them pulling tape up around human_nosferatu  's apartment. "Oh shit....so their putting up TAPE!" Tay and I pull clothes and head downstairs to check it out.
the cops can't tell us what's going on, everyone doesnt' speak english, and we're working on like fourth hand rumor knowlage. But what it looks like that someone got shot, either in the parking lot or in the lobby of the building next door. There were still blue gloves laying on the ground, but they've blocked off the entire street.

I love my city....really....
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