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Yesterday was...intresting....

So yesterday, My friend Rosie texted me and asked me if I could watch her dog for the day while she went to work. It was all good because Tay wasn't working and I had no real plans (nor a job) so we said yes. Rosie dropped Thorne (the dog) off at our place and her and her boyfriend, Ger, went to work.
After about half an hour, Tay and I got up, dressed and headed out to the park with the dog. The dog had fun, romping with two large Newfoundlander's. There was a puddle, the Newfie's were muddy, thus Thorne ended up covered in mud. Given that his fur was so short, we simply decided it would be best to get him a Currie comb from the PetValue near our house. We head back and I notice that the store'll be closing in twenty minutes (as I was walking a head of Tay and Tay was walking Thorne), So I inform Tay of this and we decide that Tay will take Thorne into the store, find what we need and I'll run to the flat and get the $20 that I had gotten from Rosie that morning to get the brush (it was like six bucks!).

I head around the corner as fast as I could, and am heading up the drive way when I glance over to see a WheelTrans bus (For those of you who don't know what Wheel Trans is: It's a system our public transit has for people in wheelchairs and with other likewise debilitating illnesses that prevent them from using the regular Public Transit) parked out front of one of the buildings across the street. That in itself wasn't all that odd as I've seen WheelTrans and Ambutrans outside that paticular building all the time.

What you DON'T see all the time is the teenaged kid coming around the bloody bus with a freaking handgun! I'm standing there a little shocked, as the kid picks off a few rounds at some other teens. By the third shot I'm at least walking quickly towards the building, trying to keep my eye on the shooter while dialing 911! I'm taking in all the details I can possibly take in while calling 911 and not letting myself freak the fuck out and start to cry.

The cops show up in like two minutes flat! I give an account of what happened and they ask me to stick around in case they need me for something. So I do. It's been about twenty minutes since Tay and I parted ways. Tay starts to get annoyed cause its like a two minute walk between our place and the pet value and the shop is closing! I get a call from tay to the tune of "where the hell are you? the place is closing!" and I tell Tay what's happened. Tay tells me that Tay is coming home. Heh.

The cops want me to show them where the guy was standing and ask me a whole shit load of questions, which I'm all too happy to answer, then ask me if I need anything from my flat since they want me to come down to the station to make a statement. I tell them my partner's on tay's way back and I want to just give Tay the keys to our flat so tay can get upstairs, since we don't have Tay's keys right now. They say that's fine and to just take a seat until Tay gets there.

Tay gets there and apparently I looked white as a ghost, whiter then my white sweater that I was wearing. I felt all shaky and wanted to cry, but there were too many people around. Tay says tay wants to come with me, despite having Thorn with us. I ask if that's okay and it is so Tay goes to put Thorn in the bathroom (we didn't know at the time that Rosie and Ger use putting him in the bathroom as punishment,). Tay makes an offhand mark as we'er on our way to the police car that tay hopes that Thorn doesn't distroy the bathroom. The police man says its okay for us to bring him with us. So tay runs back to get him. I'm really glad cause I think I would have just broken down if Thorn wasn't there.

We go to the police station, and they videotape my statement, and tell me that I did a good job and thanked me. They thanked me a lot. I guess people don't help out the police much in this part of town. I just want these nutjobs out of my neighborhood and out of my city! Finally we can go back home. A very nice police lady gave us a ride since our nice policemen got called away on another call. Such is the life of a policeman! We asked her to drop us off at the coffee time since thats were Rosie was (with Josh, Maggie and Charlie).

Once back in the flat, I call my mum and tell her what's happened and that everythings gunna be okay now. I don't feel like it's going to be but it made her feel better I guess. She gave me some money to get pizza so none of us had to cook. Ger came over later after he was done at work. I had met him downstairs but I insisted on taking Thorn with me, I didn't feel safe. I felt safer (but not much) with the dog, people don't normally attack you when you have a dog. (Especially one that looks like a pit even though he's not even any bit pit)

Today While we were out, I got a call from the detective Inspector on the case. He wanted me to come in for a photo line up. I did the best I could...Hope they catch the guy. They said I MIGHT have to go to court if this goes any further. Part of me hopes I don't have to. I will if they call me but....I don't really want to have to go and testify in court. These guys are nuts! I don't want to have to worry about retaliation!

I'm now going to email my contact at the local Legal office, see if he's got any advice on what he thinks I should do. Breaking the lease is looking more and more attractive at the moment. Hell my old place is looking like a much better neighborhood already!

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