sirius_dragon (sirius_dragon) wrote,

Another story from hell---er Parkdale...

I've been rather...distracted with an LJ rp that I've been doing, sort of neglecting my own LJ.

So onto my special story.

Tay and I are sitting here, tv off, just relaxing. I'd just gotten out of the bath, and decided I was going to put on ID channel (yay for real crime shows!) when I hear shouting. Now while this is not unusual, due to the tenants of 809 being fucking retards and like to play their music so loud that we can hear EVERYTHING THOUGH THEIR CLOSED DOOR, ACROSS THE HALL, THOUGH OUR CLOSED DOOR AND OVER THE TV! Except for that this shouting is in the hall way. Worrisome. I listen and try and see though the peephole but can't see anything.
More shouting. and then what sounds like a fight! Tay and I crack open the door a bit and the cops have one of these idiots on the floor face down.
We find out, from listening to the cop yell at the idiot, that when you have the police at your door, you don't try to slip out slowly and then slam the door or try and PUSH THE POLICE! They'd been called because someone called to say that allegedly it sounded like there was someone in distress in the flat. So naturally the po-po show up! While face down, with the nice police lady's knee in his back and handcuffs on his wrists, this moron is STILL ARGUING WITH THE POLICE!
It's quieted down now a bit, so I think they've taken him away because the very big asian police man said he was going to be arrested for assutling a police officer. Pushing counts as putting your hands on someone, with intent to cause harm. So he gets arrested. I can still hear indistinct voices in the hallway but they don't sound angry anymore.
Fucking idiots. They all look like punks, which give the very nice punky people I know bad names. These guys are your stereotypical punks. Leather studded jackets, stretched ears, the whole lot.

We've decided to add our own clause to whatever lease we sign next:

If the police are there, on our floor, more then twice a month, then its grounds for an immediate termination of the lease, and we are free to move out if we wish. As they management is no longer producing a clean and safe environment in which to live.

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