sirius_dragon (sirius_dragon) wrote,

They were all out today!

Tay and I went to honest Eds to get stuff. Was a pretty good trip, except for the ride there and back. -__-

So first things first, we got on the streetcar, and he pulled aaaall the way up to the corner, which I can kinda understand. Whatever right? So we get ONE stop from our stop and this garbage truck pulls out in front of us! The driver starts yelling at the garbage truck (which is parked mostly on the tracks, blocking ALL OF THE EAST BOUND TRAFFIC! And he had to bugger off to go get someone to help him back up). He wanted the streetcar to back up, despite the fact that there's traffic all the way up the street, stuck behind us because they can't get around to pass the street car BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING GARBAGE TRUCK IN THE FUCKING WAY!
Then this guy wants on the streetcar. but we're already a bit past the stop. A bit of a dick move on the driver's part but he was just following the rules. Guy freaks out and starts cursing out the streetcar driver. Meanwhile the garbage truck has finally moved out of the way and we continue on our way.

One stop before bathurst st. (Where tay and I were getting off), there's the guy again! And he wanted to curse out the streetcar driver again! Tay and I are going "how the hell did he get up here that fast?!" Turns out the nutjob TOOK A CAB TO THE STOP so he could yell at the streetcar driver! I mean...what the hell right? Tay and I get off the streetcar at Bathurst and continue our trip to honest eds.

All went well at honest eds, we got pretty much everything we needed to get, save a few items we had to go to the grosery store for. Got back on the streetcar with the plan of getting off at queen.

Once we reach Queen, Tay and I get off the streetcar and nearly get hit by some derp in a flashy car! I yellat him and tay goes right up to the passenger side and starts in on the guy. Apparently they kept saying "we're not from here" 
It doesn't fucking matter where your from! IT'S WRITTEN ON THE BACK OF THE GODDAMN STREETCAR! YOU DO NOT PASS THE STREETCAR WHEN THE DOORS ARE FUCKING OPEN! This dickhead nearly hit several people getting off the back of the streetcar, then nearly hit me as I'm coming off. Even if you don't know not to pass, and didn't see the GIANT FUCKING STICKER ON THE BACK OF THE STREETCAR, you can see the PEOPLE getting off! "We're not from here" doesn't fly when your charged with vehicular manslaughter!



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