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So this is going ot be a very  very long rant on how METCAP FAILS AT LIFE!

Our ENTIRE building staff SHUTS DOWN at five pm. Our fridge has been broken for a few days. I put in a work order and while yes, they did send a guy within the same day. the guy says that our fridge is broken (thank you we established that ourselves when it didnt keep our food cold) and that we have to empty out our fridge and freezer, and put the FRIDGE out on the balcony (wtf?), while he goes and gets another fridge from the basement to replace this one while our fridge is "resetting". Tay and I are two very small, very unstrong people. The LAST time these guys told us to put something on the balcony, it stayed there till we moved, so no, i'm not going to have my sick partner help me move the broken fridge THEY are >supposed to replace. We tell him this and he's like "Oh. let me go see if they have another fridge." So he scuttles off, leaving all his tools and all our freezer contents on the counter to see if they have another fridge downstairs for him.
He comes back up a few minutes later saying everyones left for the day. WHA?! so he spends another few minutes banging around inside the freezer then says that they'll come deliver a new fridge tomorrow and that we should put our stuff back in the freezer.
We'll have to put ALL our stuff into ANOTHER fridge after they replace it, only to have to do it AGAIN back to our OLD fridge once the fridge is finished "resetting".
.....I hate you building managment. I hate you very very much.

Remember how I told you about our broken fridge and it was suposed to "reset" itsself downstairs? Guess what? The guy shows up today to give us our new fridge, no phone call saying "We'er on our way up" No call saying "We'll be there in ten if you could have the fridge cleaned out that'd be lovely" No! Just a knock on the door "We have your new fridge." Fine whatever, I tell Tay to put on clothes and come help me clean out the fridge.
We get that all emptied out and the guy pops his head back in, nods, looks in the fridge, (yes I left rotten vegies in there JUST FOR YOU, you lucky little duck!) then begins to try and get it out.
Now, we live in a one bedroom flat, where the door to the hall in front of the front door is not that big. Just barly big enough for us to get our bikes though the gally kitchen, single file. He's trying to drag a fridge and trolly, though this little DIAGNAL space, and its just not working. What does he do after failing to get though this incredably tiny space? Tell me he's going to put the fridge in the living room to "Reset". The tech yesterday said you were going to take it away and leave us a new fridge as a "temp" (the 'temp' fridge is much nicer then our fridge, why we just can't keep that one and they can give our fridge to the next sucker is beyond me!).
Aparnetly he didn't like that I snapped back so he made me clear out a space (while he'd watched me unpack our old fridge, RIGHT in the spot he wanted to move the fridge though the second time) and clear out space so that he can take it out.
He wanted to leave the fridge to "reset" IN OUR BLOODY LIVING ROOM! Sorry but we live in a one bedroom flat, a rather SMALL one bedroom flat. and the LAST time this landlord managment company said they'd leave something "For a few days" It was still there when we moved out!
And get this, he says "we'll just push the couch over and leave it there for a few weeks" Weeks? WEEKS!? No, nononononono. To hell with that! What are we supposed to say when we have guests over? "oh welcome to our home, why yes we have two fridges but that one doesnt work, its 'resetting'" NO! so we tell him flat out, "no take it down stairs."
ONTOP of that, when he was taking the old fridge out, he spilled water (at least I hope it was water and not some fridge chemical, as i walked though it in BARE FEET) all over the kitchen floor with nerry a 'careful its wet there' warning!

In addition to that, for the SECOND day in a row, painters have showed up to our door asking if we'er moving, because they have an order to paint 808. Yes our flat is 808, but your work order is FOR THE OTHER BLOODY BUILDING! LEARN TO FLIPPIN' READ!
I hate this place......
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