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Puppy visit

So we FINALLY got to meet castiel in person yesterday.

OH MY GOD was it awesome! He's got the best temperment ever! he's only 6 weeks old and he's already so adorable!! Here's him giving Tay hello kisses! We loved his little sweater (it was made from a sweater sleeve) it matched his eyes so beautifully!
He'll always have his striking blue eyes. Their gorgous!
He got all tuckered out running around the flat, chasing his mum (who Dori the breeder brought with her), investigating the cats. Oh the cats! Malp was having none of it to the point that we had to lock her in the bedroom till she calmed down and started whinning to be let out. DHD did better. she just hid up on the table behind the food tin. it was adorable!! ttp://
Shini was, of course, no where to be seen, and Leo was his durpy self. He didn't seem to intrested in Briar (Castiel's mum), but did sniff at Castiel.
we brought him for a walk before they left (we used Shini's cat harness leash, it worked pretty well for a training leash). He already walks pretty well on a leash. Its amazing, since the first time he's ever worn a collar was when we put tay's old clubbing collar on him.
Though his paws started to get cold and he refused to walk so I'd have to cary him for streches. It's fine now but when he gets to big to carry? I don't think so! lol! Tay's hand against his paw. It's so small right now! Tay wants to get his paw print in ink then get it tattooed on the back of tay's neck. I think that'd be awesome!! Such a cute picture of him sleeping!
we're fairly sure he's got a bit of hearing, but it could be just he's extra sensitive to air currents. we did a clap test and a whistling test, even used the dog whistle app on tay's itouch. He did a sort of slow wake thing not a startled awake. We'll see. He gets his first shots and goes for his hearing test this week so we'll see. For all intence and purpous' he's deaf to us, which we dont care about.

This is what happened when we took him to the petstore. After sniffing around a little and wandering a bit, He layed down between my feet and took a snooze.
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